“What’s in My Weekday Travel Bag”





Big carryall bag from JustFab

Silver Victoria Secret Makeup bag currently housing my electronic device cords, headphones and what nots.

Black Victoria Secret makeup bag with my actual makeup.

Creme Michael Kors wrislet stuffed with credit cards, bank cards, VS gift card and receipts.

Randoms: Pack of mechanical pencils, roller point pen in purple and black, Nivea cream( best ever), rescue inhaler, and “Things Remembered” compact mirror.

Two watches: Juicy Couture and white Fossil ( they need batteries hence why they are in here)

Day planner (old school) and Michael Kors reading glasses.

Purple Mophie for my iPhone 5s and Seagate portable hard drive for my MacBook Pro.

IPod Classic (160g) with my kids and I favorite before school car ride jam “Happy” by Pharrell.

Lastly a card holder for insurance cards and a mini composition book to write down purchases.

That’s a lot but I promise when you’re on the go as much as I am you need EVERYTHING and the kitchen sink!

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