Lupita for Lancome

My soul shouts yesssss about this Lancome collaboration with Lupita Nyong’o. Brown girls stand up!!!! It has been my greatest desire to see major brands like Lancome take notice to the brown girls and offer us MORE.  I can’t even put into words what this means for me and so many others. A lot of people will not understand my passion for this but…. Lancome just raised the bar for everyone else.  Yes we all know MAC and MUFE (Makeup Forever) are usually the  front-runners for the brown girls but what about  Chanel, Dior and so many others with limited options. This just says we recognize you, we appreciate the billions of dollars you spend with us and you matter.  Congratulations Lupita Nyong’o way to use your platform!

Lupita For Lancome

I have always appreciated Lancome’s quality of products and I have decided to show you two of my favorites from the company.



Dual Finish Matte Toffee IV
Dual Finish Matte Toffee IV



Rouge Glow
Rouge Glow





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