New Hair Products: “As I AM”

Can I go ahead and tell y’all how pleased, more like ecstatic I am about my new hair care products ?!?! I am a product junkie at my core and  I try new products all the time so needless to say I have tried everything to help me maintain and lock in my curls and give me added moisture;  but I just had not found that “it” product. This #naturalhair  is not a game; it’s really a lifestyle. I have been natural for about seven years and I haven’t tried ANYTHING quite like these products. So without further ado I am happy to share “As I AM” . I would like to thank the hair gods for  this one!



Processed with Moldiv
( the picture above day 1 after twist out)


I purchased the leave-in conditioner, the  coconut co-wash conditioner and the twist defining cream. Baaabbbby the answer, you hear me, the absolute answer!  Never before have my curls locked and lasted.

The products are creamy, non drying, non flaking, they smell amazing and they don’t weigh my hair down and the best part is my hair doesn’t feel greasy.

Now…. am I crazy about the price? Nope, each product cost around $10 apiece at Target. Will I repurchase these products at this price? Yep,  absolutely. They are just that good!

Processed with Moldiv
( day 2 after twist out; hair pulled back with a hair tie)

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