It’s Just That Good


Hey my boos!! I know I’ve been pretty inconsistent lately but let me tell you May has something on the calendar everyday. But any who…. I had to let my ladies know about this awesomeness Revlon is doing yet again. Revlon has a matte lip balm that is highly pigmented. The color I picked up is called Shameless, and it’s a shame it was the last one at Kroger or I would have bought at least 3 or 4 yep that’s right… it’s just that good. I recently checked Target and Wal-Mart in my area but this color was gone. It’s a dup for MACs “Heroine”. The noticeable difference for me is that even though it’s matte; it’s non drying which “Heroine” tends to be. Oh yeah, the color pay off and the price were pretty noticeable too!  Check out my post here to see what the sample of “Heroine” looks like and you be the judge.  I must admit I am quite smitten.

“Ke…what? Boom pic” Sometimes it just works! Heroine on my lips w/ a little gloss.

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