My two cents on “Shea Moisture”

So you know how you purchase something and it turns out  to not be what you expected? Wellll, that’s my experience with these two products. I have probably had them for at least 3 months and decided to give them a try again to see if I misjudged them. Okay, so I was wrong about the “Shea Moisture” lip exfoliator. Once I READ the directions on the package I kind of love this little baby. It does exfoliate my lips and adds moisture which is great when wearing a matte lip color. I use it about once a week.
shea 1


Now this second “Shea Moisture” product I didn’t love so much. It’s doesn’t really feel like a primer. It goes on as a primer but I feel like over time it turns into a skin moisturizer. I appear more oily than if I had not applied anything to my face at all. JUST STRANGE!

It claims to be:

  • Light and oil free
  • Soothes and calms irritated skin for all day perfection
  • Excellent for oily, sensitive, or acne-prone skin (here’s where my problem come’s into play). I don’t really think its for oily skin!
    shea 2

Overall I would recommend the lip exfoliator and the primer for someone with maybe combination to dry-skin. But not for us oily girls!



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