Revlon’s Bold Lacquer by Grow Luscious

Hey Lovers,

So I have finally tried Revlon’s Bold Lacquer “mascara” for a couple of days. The first day I automatically decided it wasn’t for me, and then the next day I said let me try this product again but a little bit different. First off this product is super, super messy! Initially I didn’t understand way Revlon would pack such a thick product in such a narrow container. If I had anything to do with the packaging of the product, I would have made it a two-step product instead of being packaged like traditional mascara, which it totally isn’t. 

 The product itself though once you get the correct amount of the brush isn’t half bad. It really does lengthen your lashes. I believe I have the world’s shortest lashes and this really lengthened them. It didn’t add much volume however.  What I decided to do though to make this product work for me was couple it with a drier formula.

Revlon's Bold Lacquer
Revlon’s Bold Lacquer

I have paired Revlon’s “Bold Lacquer” with COVERGIRLS Clump Crusher. COVERGIRLS “Clump Crusher” is probably the driest mascara I’ve ever used so it is actually serving a greater purpose for me being coupled with Revlon’s super wet lacquer.

COVERGIRLS Clump Crusher
COVERGIRLS Clump Crusher

Have you tried it? Does it work? How are you using it?

A glam girl just wanna know!


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