Better Late, Than Never- July Favorites

Happy August…

Wow this year has zoomed by! I haven’t done a “Monthly Favorites” post in months, not that I haven’t been moved or liked anything. Here’s the real… I use things that I like and forget to make a note about them for a blog post. Not this time though, lol!

  1.  Spotify App (if you are a music lover this app is amazing) in my opinion its way better than Pandora. I think it’s about $9.99 per month for premium version (with no ad interruptions). I currently get a 6 months free trial with Sprint. Definitely paying for it after that!
  2. Nivea lip balm it goes on smooth, hydrating, and I love that it’s not sticky. I have been using it for months. Perfect for the warmer months when you can’t take another thing on your face, lol!
  3. Tresemme Tres Two Humidity Spray  I got this for my travel bag to the beach from Walmart and it was a pleasant surprise. It wasn’t sticky, didn’t leave a residue and I liked the smell. More importantly it held up in 90+ degree weather in Miami FL. 
  4. Victoria Secret “Love Pink” body mist it’s been my go to spray for the summer. Light, sweet and holds up well in the heat. It doesn’t get a weird smell when you’ve been outdoors for a while ( you know that B.O. and perfume smell) I love a sweet, fruity scent (girly girl).
  5. “Bali Sunrise” scented soy candle. I have been burning this candle all month. I purchased three different scents from Target and I almost need to replace all 3. Definitely a great buy!
  6.  Notepads I picked up two packs of cute note pads from Target. They come with 3 per pack and they have great quotes like “Looking at the stars always makes me dream”- Vincent Van Gogh. It’s honestly helped with jotting down blog ideas and thoughts.
"July's Favorites"
“July’s Favorites”

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