Is It Worth The Investment?

So let’s go here this Tuesday morning… luxury brand foundation vs. drug store brand foundations. I have found that I can bounce between these easier in the cooler months but during the spring/summer there is a noticeable difference in longevity. I will have to say that there’s one drug store brand that has held up way past my expectancy and deserves a “shout-out” and it’s the Revlon’s Color Stay liquid foundation. Here’s where I think the trouble lies… drug store brands don’t seem to set well for us ladies with oily skin. It’s almost like some ingredients were purposely left out to make them more affordable. Am I reaching? I would love to venture out into the more “higher-end brands and see what the entire rave is about based off some YouTube recommendations. But can I get honest with y’all for a minute?  The initial sticker shock is enough to make me back allllll the way back. WHYYYYY does something in a small bottle cost $50+???? I need answers, lol!  Tell me your thoughts on higher-end foundations?

Here a couple I’m thinking about but have yet to take the plunge…


“September Favorites”

September is a wrap and here’s what got the most use use this month. Two of these products were birthday gifts this month and the beauty products are one’s that I love and have been my go-to’s for this month!


So I liked the “Miss Manga” mascara before, but I LOVE it now, I have the shortest eyelashes and it really adds so much volume and I love the brush. It has definitely been my most reached for product even with a bare face. Highly recommended!

revlon creme brulee  sugarrimmed

I love Revlon’s Creme Brulee paired with MAC’s lip-glass in Sugarrimmed. Great combo! The Creme Brulee is just the perfect natural nude with a little shine and the Sugarrimmed lip-glass adds a nice sparkle but both can be used separately.


I feel in love with these Kate Spade monogrammed mugs in Macy’s a little bit before my birthday and instantly added it to my birthday wish list. I have drunk out of this mug everyday since I got it! My absolute fave!

Kate Spade Card Holder

This little beauty makes life so much simpler or at least your purse lighter; those big wallets are overrated, lol!

Hello fall boots…

It’s no secret I’m not crazy about the seasons changing but if it MUST, let’s get into some fall boots. I LIVE for black leather boots and luckily (or NOT) so much I’m in the market for new ones since my old faithfuls turned against me, lol! Take a peek at what I’m loving.




**In case you haven’t noticed I’m not a brown boot girl**