“I Got Double”

"Clinique Doubling Mascara"
“Clinique Doubling Mascara”

Clinique just does not get enough props when it comes to great beauty products! We all know they have an awesome skin care line and that’s kind of what they are known for but I would highly suggest that you branch out into their beauty products. I received this doubling mascara as a free gift when I purchased a couple products and I love it. It’s always great when you get something for FREE that you actually like. It stays with me now. I was kind of using it as back up if I forgot to apply mascara in the morning (it happens, lol). It’s has moved from the console of my car to my purse which is a huge step.

But get into this tapered brush it gets on the inner corner lashes perfectly. I’m definitely not mad at Clinique for that! This mascara really does double your lashes and it’s totally buildable for the short lash chicks like myself.

Clinique Doubling Mascara
Clinique Doubling Mascara

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