“Tips to being happier in the fall”

Hey Guys and Gals!!

Fall begins September 22nd

I will be honest with y’all; I am definitely not looking forward to the cooler months. I dare not complain because we must certainly have better fall and winter months than some of our northern friends. But I just notice for me personally, I’m much more melancholy when the temperatures cool off and it begins to get darker earlier. I’ve switched to outdoors activities for my workouts and it really has improved my mood. I decided to put together a survival plan for fall and winter. 

After doing some quick research online here’s what I’ve taken away and will add to my plan.

  • More light exposure, light therapy (get my tail outside as much as possible when the sun it out)
  • Regular exercise (which I have been exercising consistently for 3 weeks now and I feel great)
  • Eating a well balanced diet ( I am struggling in this area; mainly because I suck at meal prep and I have an insane schedule so yeahhh that’s my excuse but I’m working on it)
  • Take your vitamins (1000 IU of vitamin D, Omega 3, and B complex were recommended) I will dig deeper and update on the process.
  • Add complex carbohydrates to your food selections but mix it up with veggies and whole wheat options.

Guys please comment with tips and tricks you use to stay sunny even when it’s not.


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