“September Favorites”

September is a wrap and here’s what got the most use use this month. Two of these products were birthday gifts this month and the beauty products are one’s that I love and have been my go-to’s for this month!


So I liked the “Miss Manga” mascara before, but I LOVE it now, I have the shortest eyelashes and it really adds so much volume and I love the brush. It has definitely been my most reached for product even with a bare face. Highly recommended!

revlon creme brulee  sugarrimmed

I love Revlon’s Creme Brulee paired with MAC’s lip-glass in Sugarrimmed. Great combo! The Creme Brulee is just the perfect natural nude with a little shine and the Sugarrimmed lip-glass adds a nice sparkle but both can be used separately.


I feel in love with these Kate Spade monogrammed mugs in Macy’s a little bit before my birthday and instantly added it to my birthday wish list. I have drunk out of this mug everyday since I got it! My absolute fave!

Kate Spade Card Holder

This little beauty makes life so much simpler or at least your purse lighter; those big wallets are overrated, lol!

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