Makeup Brushes….it’s an Investment

While I believe that makeup application requires a certain amount of skill, I think that the type of tools aka makeup brushes can makes a huge difference in how your makeup turns out. I’ve found that it doesn’t matter drug store or department store makeup (in my opinion) when you have the right tools you can transform any product! These visions of loveliness have caught my eye so now I have to budget to add them to the family. The Estee Lauder Sculpting foundation brush and the Chanel Pinceau Poudre Biseaute  angled powder brushes are going to be debuting in my makeup kit shortly.

Seriously in all honesty we’ve all tried those not so great brushes that were budget friendly but ruined your perfect press powder or eyeshadow because the bristles were just the pits.  Or is it just me?  And honestly, I CAN NOT take the risk of ruining favorites because of sub par brushes.

Let me know  in the comments about your favorite brushes and the products you use them with. I’d love to hear from you!



  1.  Estee Lauder Scultping Brush- $45
  2. Chanel Pinceau Poudre Beseaute angled powder brush-  $60
  3. Shiseido “Perfect” Foundation brush- $30
  4. Dior Full Coverage Fluid Brush- $45
  5. Dior Light Coverage Powder Brush- $55

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