“Problem solved… for now, I think”

I guess we will call this an Oil Control Series. It’s just that important in my opinion because it can make or break your makeup look. I can’t think of anything worse that smeared shiny makeup, I mean nothing!

MAC’s oil control lotion have been a staple in my makeup routine for years but like all things I think the problem is fixed and stop using it. Hence the reason I’m bringing it up again.  Here’s my makeup prep routine to combat my overly oily T-zone.

Step 1.  Wash your face with a great cleanser that removes all dirt, grease and grim.  I switch  my face washes often depending upon my needs. Currently I’m using Clean and Clear Essentials foaming facial cleanser.  I typically hate applying moisturizer because my face is already oily but even people with oily skin should moisturizer.

Step 2. Apply MAC Oil Control lotion (2 pea size drops goes a long way).

Step 3. Apply make up as usual

Step 4. Spray face 8-10 inches away in an X motion and then a T motion (to get the T-zone)

Step 5: BOOM at least 12 hours of an oil free look




Processed with Moldiv


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