NARS Orgasm Collection



If you’re like me you’ve decided to skip this cold weather and focus forward on warmer temperatures. That’s exactly what the “NARS Orgasm Collection” reminds me of, warmer temperatures. It reminds me of tropical, beach, poolside sitting, margarita sipping weather. Just wonderful! I’m a sucker for a shimmery yet not shiny glow in warm weather especially on vacation.

The collection includes:

Orgasm blush $30

Super Orgasm blush $30

** Orgasm lip gloss $26

Super Orgasm lip gloss $26

** Orgasm the Multiple – $39

** Orgasm Illuminator- $30

Super Orgasm Illunminator- $30

** Nail polish – Orgasm- $20

The “super” orgasm products are just a tad bit deeper in color than the traditional orgasm products.

** Most liked; definite purchases

Must have for beach travel next spring/summer. Come on warm weather!


4 thoughts on “NARS Orgasm Collection”

    1. I’m more interested in the Multiple because you can use it for lips, eyes, and cheeks which works great for travel. The illuminator I’m gonna mix with my tinted mositurizer for added glow. I’m not a powder blush fan in warmer climates more so winter!

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