The REAL #BreakTheInternet


If you’ve ever wondered  what real beauty looks like, what elegance at it’s finest looks like, what being true to yourself looks like, then I’d advise you to take notes from Solange! Her wedding is the true representation of what staying true to yourself is about. These photos were floating and buzzing on the Internet all night. I wanted to share these spectacular photos  with you guys because this is what beauty is all about.  These photos are very high fashion magazine worthy without being overdone. Solange I thank you for showing your TRUE self and artistry through your wedding.



Slay Solange, slay!IMG_6784.PNG

Riding the bikes to the ceremony was just a touch of perfection! No foreign whips,… just simply elegant. (Above photo)

I CAN NOT forget to mention the man she married Mr.  Alan Ferguson,  he looked handsome,  polished and made his very own statement (check the shoe game). I dig what these two have done. (Below)IMG_6783.PNG






**These photos were taken from various social media sites and search engines and in no way presented as my own***


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