“Protect Your Crown”

Here’s my latest protective hair style and I’m in love! It’s simple and easy with no maintenance which is the absolute best on these HOT ☀️🔥 summer days!  



“Body Transformations”

So after my “storm” or “life crisis” I threw myself into focusing on my health. My health was the one thing I could change without overthinking the process since everything else kind had to fall into place. I was extremely stressed, over weight and nutritionally unhealthy! I must admit I hated working out and the thought of going to a gym made me nauseous. But I found myself desperate for a change and this change was good! I started working out November 8, 2014 and I’ve never looked back. Working out is not only changing my body but is renewed my mind. I made a life decision and I’m sticking to it, it’s my new lifestyle!   
 The picture on the left was May 2014 and the picture on the right is April 2015. I had officially lost 20 pounds. 

“Starting Anew”

I have been MIA for quite so time now and I swear it’s not personal, or maybe it was, lol! I had to take a step back and get my bearings. I have stepped into a new phase of my life and that new phase required me to do some soul-searching. When writing or reading someone’s  blog or posting or watching someone’s social media one’s life may appear pretty perfect, my life has been far from perfect! On the surface things appeared fine, but on a deeper level I was crumbling. I knew I had to make some changes that could either make or break me. But after months and maybe even years of deliberation  I made a life decision that would change my family’s life and possibly save mine. My friends….I decided to end my 9-year marriage! Whew there was something difficult about saying it and something even more difficult about typing it (it’s real). But in an attempt to live my truth, this part had to be told, it’s my story, it’s  the makings of me. I can’t write a beauty blog and feel horrible on the inside because I believe in order to write about external or superficial beauty one must also feel beautiful from the inside. And please don’t feel sorry for me because I am the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. I won’t lie I am terrified by the decision but I’m also liberated in my decisions. I am embarking on this foreign journey because honestly I’ve shared my life with someone far longer than I’ve been single but I’m READY! I can’t wait to share my journey and my NEXT LEVEL with you all. I’m a divorced, single mother of two amazing kids, trying to find her way and I do believe I’ll be just fine.