Getting Ready With Ke

Getting ready with Ke…Keke that’s my name! I don’t think I’ve ever written it in an article or you guys probably wouldn’t have known unless you’ve read my 

 ” About Me” page (I hope you have)! But this past Friday was a GREAT day and I was in a great mood. I  had something to celebrate, I got a new job, yippee!!!  

So here’s how Friday jumped off… 

For starters I typically use a green tea face mask about once a week. I have extremely oily skin which could lead to acne if left unmanaged. This brand is Queen Helena from Walmart. I dampen my face, apply mask, let it sit for 10-15 minutes and remove with warm water.      
I loosely curled my hair with Remington 1″ curling wand, pin curl it (don’t forget to use bobby pins to secure the curls) and leave it for a couple hours to get really great curls. So start this hair process early enough in the day. 

I applied a very light beat on my face. 

  • I used Pro Long wear concealer in NC45 from Mac
  •  Filled in my brows with an eyebrow pencil in the color Spike and eye shadow in the color Courdoroy 
  • Used a Loreal highlighter underneath my brow bone.
  • Used a Covergirl Bronzer on my cheekbones and temples
  • Oddly enough Vaseline on my lips

Oh yeah about this outfit!

  • Outfit: Black crop top from F21, Black high waist maxi-skirt from F21 and Gold flat sandals “Sam N Libby” from Target 



Girlllll….you’ve earned them!

What a weird way to label an article huh, especially since it’s about stretch marks. Stretch marks are sort of taboo amongst women. No one, and I do mean no one really wants to discuss them, why would you, right? We would all like to pretend they are non-existent but the reality is I have them and they are here to stay. So I might as well embrace them. But although they are here I will not allow them to change they way I see myself. In the beginning I really struggled with the fact that my body looked so different after giving birth to my son. What was I thinking; I gained 60+ pounds so clearly nothing could stay the same! I truly don’t understand how some people escape the stretch marks; I guess it’s all genetics. Thanks mom and dad, I really appreciate all you’ve done, lol. But guess what the only people who are stressed out over stretch marks are typically immature and probably suffering for a little bit of low self esteem. Ladies, any guy who chooses not to accept you because of stretch marks and totally disregard the fact that you either gave birth, gained weight and then lost the weight aren’t worth your efforts anyway, BOOM! And not to bash the guys because ladies most times stretch marks are our hang ups… these dudes ain’t tripping boo, TRUST me when I tell ya, lol! I say all that to say chill, don’t trip, embrace you, all of you because girllll you’ve earned them.

P.S. I call my stretch marks my “mommy marks” because they are a reminder of the best thing I’ve ever done in life and that was give birth.

Girllllll... you've earned them
Girllllll… you’ve earned them


Get Physical…

The trick to getting fit is to get moving and get moving more often. I swear I have a love hate relationship with the gym, so when I tell you some days I just have to drag my lil ass in there! I promise you it’s not easy but it gets easier. I go to the gym and do what works for me, sometimes there’s no plan I just go to hold myself accountable. I’m not competing with anyone but myself. I’m trying to remain consistent. I feel a 100% better when I work out and when I don’t workout I immediately feel guilty which must mean I’m starting to like the gym, right? Anyway I’m definitely appreciating the results! Ladies reclaim your life and get active. This isn’t about looking like a super model, this is about being the BEST you!