Review: “Clinique Acne Solutions”

Clinique Acne Solutions clear skin system is so clutch! I mean it’s a must have for anyone fighting the battle of adult acne. I was blessed throughout my teenage years to never really have acne, thank heavens because kids can be so cruel. But guess what showed up the day I turned 30? Those damn pimples… I mean it was not your typical one or two pimples it was like an “Occupy Keke’s Face” agenda! I have a dermatologist that I see annually for periodic breakouts but I had to go back and tell her the treatment you recommended is not aggressive enough, lol but seriously this is my face we’re talking about. I was in Macy’s looking at the Acne Solutions makeup when I asked the Clinique sales rep to tell me about the 3-step Acne Solutions treatment and after listening to her I was sold. But what sold me was the fact that we experienced the same things at 30 and she said it was her saving grace. I bought the smaller box set to try it out and I must say in as little as two weeks my face was improving. Now over 6 weeks later those BIG ASS pimples are gone! I still get an occasional zit, but I will take an occasional zit over big pimples everyday anytime! If you are experiencing adult acne this product is a must have to add to your skin care regimen. I’ve always loved Clinique products but they continue to impress me with every thing they release.

Clinique Acne Solutions
Clinique Acne Solutions
Clinique's Acne Solution
Clinique’s Acne Solution
Clinique's Acne Solution
Clinique’s Acne Solution

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