But Before I Go…. 

Getting ready for a meeting that could change the game for my kids and I, that can make living a little more comfortable. I’ve been digging deep, trying to put the pieces back together and trying to figure how I want to play in this corporate world or if I want to play at all. I am a rebel at heart!  I want to play on my own terms so I am working to create the perfect balance for me and my family. I’m at a point in my life where I feel like I shouldn’t have to choose one thing over the other, I can have it all just not all at once.  I’ve prayed specific prayers and I know God will make good on all promises.  I’m ready! Here’s to being the best #GirlBoss possible. And no I’m not angry in these photos,lol this is the face of someone who’s about to EAT up the competition.
  P.S. Does anyone else hate when you can’t get the lint fuzzy’s off the bathroom mirror, ugh?
Outfit:  White Cami from F21• Long Maxi pencil skirt from F21• Merona pinstripe blazer from Target

Accessories: Gold Chronograph watch from Michael Kors



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