“Happy Fall, Winter, Summer or whateva”

  Greetings!!! It’s been a little over 2 months since my last post but understand when I tell you honeyyyyy life has been moving, but I refuse to complain, lol! I’ve moved, I’ve started a new job, I have a new route for school/work and yeahhhh your girl been busy. But there’s nothing like a like check-in for you to realize how much you’ve missed posting blog posts. I literally titled this post “Happy Fall, Winter, Summer or whateva” because who can keep up with Georgia weather??? Really???? I’m dressed in layers because it’s so unpredictable. Also check out my hair bouncing and behaving, I’m on a 3 month weave break lol! Hey y’all hey!! 👋🏾
What’s new loves?

Outfit: Sweater, Leggings and Cami are from Forever 21

Riding Boots (can’t remember name but I will locate and update) are from Macy’s

Hair: By God styled by Lori Cooper in Smyrna. (honeyyyyy her hands are anointed)

Accessories: Pink Fitbit, Pink/Gold Michael Kors watch, 4 Gold Michael Kors bracelets