Running Low on Fuel

Good Evening loves!!!! I just stopped by to chat it up with you guys and drop what I hope will be helpful. I’ve been extremely stressed lately, my year has been full of highs and lows but definitely more highs 🙌🏾! I have a confession…I suck at relaxing! In an attempt to put myself back on priority list, enjoy EVERY part of my journey and to create a healthy work/life balance I’ve decided to start with the simple things. How many of us just hop in the shower just out of  convenience? ✋🏽 I’m here to encourage you all to slow down, spend time with the yourself, reflect, meditate, pray, plan and execute. I can’t be the force or power player I aspire to be if I’m depleted! It starts here….you should too!   


3 thoughts on “Running Low on Fuel”

  1. My shower time is now my own ‘time-out’. Maya is 2 now and I’m happy for her to watch 10 minutes of Thomas the tank engine while I stand in a hot shower enjoying some peace and quiet 🙂

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