Dear Santa, I went into Macy’s and here’s my list…

 While Santa’s checking his list, I’m still adding to mine. I feel like I’ve been good but then again that’s debatable lol! I fell in love with a couple of things from Macy’s on a quick Sunday mall run.  Honestly for under $1500 someone (don’t all respond at once)  could  make this girl smile real big! Anywayyyy….I mean can y’all simply understand what these sunnies are doing for my life right NOW!!!   

But these boots 😍😍😍 this is what love looks like, I just know it! I CAN’T deal. Stuff like this makes me realize why I must always earn a decent living because a girl needs stuff! 

And the secrets out…I love gold hardware! I like it on boots, I like it on bags, I like it everywhere!!!! 

Sunglasses: Versace $220

Long Black Leather Vince Camuto Boots: $189.99

Short Black Vince Camuto Rain Boots: $69.99

Navy Blue Studded Michael Kors bag: $328

Black Michael Kors bag: price unknown I got wayyyy to hype and forgot to check 😩


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