“The Perfect Fit”

Hey Ladies…. how many know the struggle of finding the perfect fitting jeans? I mean some jeans make you look boxy, chubby, too short  or just something is not right.   I know the look I’m going for but it’s not translating well during my shopping experiences. That was until I tried these bad boys on…they  are called Tinseltown Denim Couture . The material is soft and stretchy and they just feel so good. The best part is they aren’t extremely long which is always a struggle area. Partly this is my own drama because I don’t like to try things on or get things altered so yeah the struggle IS REAL! I’ve been looking for a nice high waist pair of jeans and I lucked up on these at Macy’s in Cumberland Mall.   Ladies please share your  favorite brand of jeans, I’m starting  a new collection. I ♥️ Jeans!


“Hair Care with a Hectic Schedule”

Happy  Monday!!! What a great and restful weekend I had, hated to see it depart. So let’s get into today’s topic: “How I keep my daughters hair healthy with a hectic schedule”. As a busy mother of two somethings I just absolutely drop the ball on, but my daughter’s hair can’t be one of them. Everyone knows that if you don’t maintain your hair and the quality of it it will DISAPPEAR aka fall the hell out, lol!  

  And anyone who has a daughter, you know the perils of keeping their hands out of it. I mean I pick her up from school and she looks like she’s been in a fight 😳😳😳. 

Solution: Braid it up!

My routine: 

•Usually every Sunday night.

• I wash her hair and deep condition ( I used Pantene combo shampoo/ conditioner) it because she has crazy dry scalp. **Review on the Pantene shampoo/conditioner combo to follow**

•I grease her scalp with Blue Magic hair grease ( yep ole school).

•I use a big detangling comb because honey her hair is thick and requires heavy artillery . 

•I section her hair off to have an easier time managing it. 

• And let’s not forget those edges, I’ve been using Jam Heavy Hold or Olive Oil Edge control is another great option (neither products leaves a horrible residue).

• If I don’t freestyle the designs, YouTube has been a saving grace for natural hairstyles as well as Pinterest.

I wish I could get her hair to last longer, but a week of not combing hair in the morning is welcomed and gladly accepted.

What’s styles and hair regimens do you use?  Please share! 

“The Uniform with a Pop of Color”

It’s cold, rainy and the sun refuses to shine in Atlanta today! The only possible way to brighten my mood is to throw on some bright colors over my usual Saturday uniform and insist on my mood shifting. There’s no time for dark moods when you’re a busy mom. We’re back in action after a break for the holidays…basketball is underway.   

The only way to manage looking half way decent at these kids early morning games is to wake up like you’re going to work and put your best foot forward. Kudos to the busy moms keeping it together and keeping it cute!


• Grey top and Black leggings from Forever 21

• Red hooded peacoat from Old Navy

• Black and white Converse ( Converse kicks are a staple in my closet)


• Gold bangles from Michael Kors

• Rose Gold watch from Michael Kors