“Happy New Year”

Happy New Year!!! Wow, I can’t believe I just typed that it seems like I just said that about 2015. Time truly doesn’t wait for you to get everything just right! I’m sure everyone has made their resolutions and their commitments for the New Year. This year I didn’t make any resolutions just a solid commitment to do EVERYTHING to my best ability, to work harder than I’ve ever worked and to keep God first in everything that I do. I like the person I was in 2015 so there wasn’t a whole lot I wanted  or needed to change just making improvements and adjustments along my journey. I grew by astronomical amounts  and I learned more than I ever knew was possible last year. I am super excited about what’s to come because I believe God has positioned me for MORE, for things I weren’t prepared for in the years past and I’m up for the challenge.  

 Anywayyyy…. I’m curious to know what you guys did on New Year’s Eve? 

As for me and my house we went to the early “New Year’s Eve” service at Word of Faith Cathedral  in Austell and took it back to the house. I spent the night just how I wanted, no parties, no alcohol just peace. That’s another thing about 2015 it taught me how to enjoy and bask in my peace because I’ve experienced a lot of not so peaceful moments. So needless to say I’m more than satisfied! 
And about this fit yessss honey I think black and gold are my new favorite colors! 


  • Long Black Maxi skirt from Forever21
  • Leather black and gold booties from Vince and Camuto
  • Sheer Black and Gold shirt from Forever21
  • Gold accessories from Michael Kors
  • Face and Hair by yours truly… Just a no fuss situation 
  • Peace provided by God

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