New Hair Alert… “A Braided Mohawk Protective Style”

New hair on deck… a protective style non the less. I love braids, it’s one of the many styles that you can just wake up and go! I switch my hair styles  like I switch my clothes. But I typically go for style that allows me to still continue with my active lifestyle. I’m a mother and a busy professional and I seriously don’t have time to fuss over hair. Not every single day and definitely not during the week, now on the weekends I can put a little more effort into a look but  even then with kids and sports I don’t have the time. 

Not that I’m frumpy, I’m just tied (tired). 

 Here’s my braided mo-hawk. I go to an African braid shop in Lithia Springs.

 They do me RIGHT!  


And yes these braids were tight but not to the point my edges were compromised. I did pop an Aleve or two though.


And this was because I was feeling myself. 😘


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