The Struggle  of Hormonal Acne

Happy Sunday!

Today’s topic…. acne but not just any kind of acne it’s “Hormonal Acne”. So I’ve had ongoing lady problems for years, which turn out to be causing my acne. I mean it’s not just your typical acne caused by dirt, oil and or various environmental issues. It’s caused by a combination of things such as lifestyle (stress, poor diet), PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome), pregnancy or PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) just to name a few. It feels like it hits you over night, I mean I woke up and BAM by face is crazy! It leaves you wanting to explain why your face is broken out to everyone who sees you and sends you to your dermatologist in a panic!  I went to my dermatologist ready to try anything they could prescribe. I upped by Retin-A strength (in the PM), I use Neuac (in the AM) and I also take Spironolactone 50-100 mg per day.  It has calmed down my acne tremendously, it’s less inflamed and it seems to be drying out the existing pimples nicely but the process is slow moving (or maybe it’s not maybe I’m impatient).  This time I’m going to stay on my dermatologic regimen and probably tailor my diet to coincide with my treatments. What I will say is it definitely ways heavy on your self esteem… it’s not the end of the world for sure but it causes you to not feel like yourself in ways I never thought possible. I’ve never really had acne so I never really had to deal with this battle but I have a newfound compassion for anyway that has experienced acne; it’s a well… BITCH! Yes I said it!


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