Layering Scents 

Good morning to you all…. 

I was thinking this morning when I was getting dressed or really primping in the mirror does every girl layer their fragrances? I mean do you spray on multiple scents? If you do what’s your favorite combination? So this morning I sprayed on Rihanna’s Reb’l Fleur with Bath and Bodyworks Wild Madagascar Vanilla and it was the perfect combo! I’ve had this Rihanna fragrance for awhile but couldn’t tolerate it on its on because it was too strong or almost too masculine of a scent for me I’m more of a fruity tropical take me to the beach kinda girl! The body spray alone was too sugar cookie smelling  but paired with its new BFF it’s a win! It softens the Rihanna fragrance up so much and now I’m in love and there’s something to be said about a great smelling woman. It’s like leaving a little piece of you behind!

Tell me your favorite combos? A girl wanna know and I need new ideas.

Happy Friday!


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