“Get Clean….” #MakeupTipMonday

Good Monday Night…. I hope everyone had a productive Monday. My Monday literally flew by once I got to work but the struggle of getting there will forever be real! I thought I’d end the night with a helpful makeup tip that I’ve taken for granted until now “CLEAN” makeup brushes and sponges. While my intentions were good I fell short on this task quite a bit. But since I’m watching my skincare regimen like a hawk I’ve really been committed to making sure I clean my brushes weekly.  

Here’s my simple method:

  1. Rinse with warm water
  2. I use a gentle shampoo and more recently I’ve been using a  Neutrogena face cleanser that I use to remove makeup and other impurities. 
  3. I rinse, wash, rinse and REPEAT twice. (It’s exhausting getting darker shades out of your brushes)
  4. I shape my brushes and let them air dry!

Something so simple could save you some pimples!

Share some of you helpful tips, we’d love to hear from you!


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