“Girls Night Out”

“Feeling Like A Goddess”

Happy Sunday loves…coming to you all with a post on “girls night out”! Sometimes you just gotta step away from being mom, wife/girlfriend, and  business woman for a night  of just kicking it with good company. I’ve got to say relaxing hasn’t been on my agenda a lot lately especially with new work responsibilities but I put me on this list this weekend. I stepped out with my girls for laughs, drinks, and dancing. It was a blast! It was just what we all needed. When was the last time you stepped out and were just “YOU” without the other titles? I mean there’s nothing wrong with those titles but it’s something to be said for getting back to yourself. We laughed until we cried and danced until our feet hurt and it was all pretty amazing !!!

Details on the outfit:

Gold Headband: Forever 21

 Gold Necklace: Forever 21

Gold bracelets: Michael Kors

Gold/pink watch: Michael Kors

Gold clutch (not pictured 🙄): Michael Kors

Dress: Forever 21

Shoes: Steve Madden


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