“Winter By Force” 

Happy Sunday Glammies!!

Would it be completely wrong to say I’m over winter? Especially since it  doesn’t officially start until December 21st 😳😳! I mean hace frío (it’s cold…is that right? #Spanglish101). I can’t believe this change in weather, last week we were at least 65 degrees and now 28. You can’t win in GA, lol! So I guess you’ve figured out I’m not sold on winter. I like it in theory or in  movies but not in real life. I’m a summertime kid to the core! But I do appreciate a great winter get up (outfit). They name of the game is layers, layers and more layers! I may have OD on boots this season #IAintSorry 

“The Layering Process”

Outfit Details:

Top: Pale peach button up from Forever21 

Jacket: Faux leather from  Forever 21

Brown/Tan Infinity Scarf: Target

Jeans: Forever21

Boots: Sperry Original Duckboots from Macy’s 

Accessories: (not shown) 

  • Linked choker from Forever 21
  • Apple Watch
  • Fearless BCBG bracelet 
  • Diamond stud earrings 

iPhone case: Patterned Speck case #JonathanAdler


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