The Best Scrub Hands Down

Whew….so we’ve tackled Monday and we should count it as a win WE MADE IT!!!! Here’s a little drug store beauty product I wanted to share and it’s one that I’ve used for years but didn’t discover it in such a large container until recently.

Here’s a little back story: 

I was having a horrid breakout along my jawline probably from clogged pores and my dirty cellphone screen when I don’t have my earbuds (**cough cough** my teenager stole them). 

I was doing some browsing in Walmart per usual and stumbled upon this product again… it is just so clutch 🙌🏾! 

Some things are tried and true and this my friends is one of them, St. Ives Blemish Control! Now this product serves me well…I don’t have extremely cystic acne. If cystic acne is your arch nemesis definitely don’t eliminate your trusted Dermatologist, because lets be honest some things require professional attention. But for someone like myself with occasional hormonal breakouts and an oily T-zone I couldn’t be happier. My skin thrives off salicylic acid.  And let’s talk price point $5 yep FIVE BUCKS! 
I picked this up at my local Walmart in the beauty section. You should definitely try it if not for the price point alone but it’s good!
St. Ives Blemish Control


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