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Have You Ever Lost Your Passion?

I feel so completely awkward even writing on my own site. I lost my passion guys, I lost my passion to create. I knew it would resurface but I had to give myself time to feel the feels. Then… I remembered this site helped me get through so many things, get over so many people and honestly guys… I owe you all an apology. I forgot how much peace this platform brought me. I’m toying with the idea of rekindling my love affair with “MakeUGlam” because honestly I was happiest when I was posting and sharing. I’m just trying to find my way and make my way back to you. I hope you guys accept me with open arms. It’s time for the for real RELAUNCH no fake shit. Yes, I still cuss and I toyed with stopping but “it’s a no for me dawg”! I know I will have to regrow my readership, earn trust back, I see the pop-ups saying hey you haven’t posted in awhile and my gut gets in knots. I’m here…I’m answering the call.

Here’s a picture of your humbled blogger. I switched my hair up, hated it and ran back to my comfort zone “hmpf what’s new?” and now I miss this short sassy bomb. I bringing her back.

2017-06-17 16.32.34.jpgBe well guys….I’m coming…I promise!


Social Media Updates from MakeUGlam

Hey loves,

I’m stepping my social media game up. Please do me a huge favor and follow the pages specially related to #MakeUGlam. We now have a new personalized  Instagram page, Facebook Fan page, Pinterest and Tumblr account. Also be sure to follow me on twitter @makeuglam. These are newly created pages to enhance our community and social media experience. I appreciate your continued support. The BEST is yet to come!

Love, Ke


“New MAC Lippies”

Here are a couple cuties I picked up with my gift cards I received for Christmas. I went to get one thing and walked out with four, hmpf!! The power of MAC! But I love these colors. The “Half and Half” lip color is easily becoming one of my favorite nudes from MAC. I typically wear “Pillowtalk” but decided to be adventurous. The “Heroine” was the feature color and just a great color on. “Rebel” welllll who doesn’t love a deep berry, ox-bloodish lip color?20140105-180142.jpgDSC00553



(This Sugarrimmed gloss is perfection coupled with  Half and Half).


Swatches from top to bottom:

  1. Half and Half (Amplified)
  2. Heroine  (Matte)
  3. Rebel (Satin)
  4. Sugarrimmed lip gloss (Dazzleglass)