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Live Your Passion

Happy Tuesday!

I wanna share something you with guys… but shhhhhh it’s a secret! You ready??? “Live  Your Passion” I mean really live it. I’m talking every second of every minute of every hour LIVE and do what absolutely makes you happy! Don’t put anything off because there is not such thing as perfect timing, really just go with it! So now that I got  that out of the way here’s what sparked that opener: I have a thing for slogans, quotes, positive phrases and just all around catchy sayings! So I had the idea of putting them on cute tees.Anybody that knows me, know I love a good t-shirt.  I started this “Glam Tee” line 2 years ago and had to shelve my plans to “DEAL” with life and guess what I’m back! But this time I’m LIVING my passion and I’m doing it my way. The object of this game is to go with your gut, do it consistently and do it with passion. And lastly regardless of what something looks like KEEP MOVING!

P.S. Ladies we are guilty of shelving our dreams to deal with things or people but I promise you the problems will still be there so don’t stop moving! Keep dreaming and LIVING YOUR PASSION.