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Burrrr…wait its Summer again 

Happy Monday!!! I hope everyone’s year is starting off to a wonderful start. I’ve set some major goals NOT resolutions but measurable obtainable goals and I’m chipping away at them. Ladies write the vision and then get to work! I was headed to the office on what appeared to be a winter day but in the great state of Georgia ended up being like 70 degrees! How can one ever be prepared, lol? Layers… Georgia requires layers. I am optimistic about this year but I know it will require great focus and work. 

My desire is that you dream the biggest most unimaginable dreams and then surprise yourself by accomplishing them!

Photo Details:

Hair: Individual Box Braids done at Express Hair Braiding in Lithia Springs

Jacket: Forever21

Scarf: Burgundy Faux Fur from Forever21

Earrings: Diamond Studs


Event: #ClassicMan

Greetings and Happy Saturday! I had the pleasure of being invited to one of the most original, inspiring and thought provoking events I’ve been to in awhile. It was hosted my a good friend of mine and he calls it  #ClassicManFriday. The level of courage  it takes to pull this off is beyond amazing! Talk about honoring and being true to the call. This event had food, libations, live musical performances ( there is phenomenal talent in this world), and networking on a very intimate level. This was for me NEXT LEVEL. His attention to detail was spot on. Whenever I have the opportunity to support this brother I most definitely will be in attendance. I’m just in awe of his creativity and his keen eye to bring his brainchild into fruition. 

But Before I Go…. 

Getting ready for a meeting that could change the game for my kids and I, that can make living a little more comfortable. I’ve been digging deep, trying to put the pieces back together and trying to figure how I want to play in this corporate world or if I want to play at all. I am a rebel at heart!  I want to play on my own terms so I am working to create the perfect balance for me and my family. I’m at a point in my life where I feel like I shouldn’t have to choose one thing over the other, I can have it all just not all at once.  I’ve prayed specific prayers and I know God will make good on all promises.  I’m ready! Here’s to being the best #GirlBoss possible. And no I’m not angry in these photos,lol this is the face of someone who’s about to EAT up the competition.
  P.S. Does anyone else hate when you can’t get the lint fuzzy’s off the bathroom mirror, ugh?
Outfit:  White Cami from F21• Long Maxi pencil skirt from F21• Merona pinstripe blazer from Target

Accessories: Gold Chronograph watch from Michael Kors