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Monday Motivation: “Road to Entrepreneurship”

No one ever promised it was going to be easy; but it will be worth it! This road to entrepreneurship has been everything but EASY. I have never felt so many emotions wrapped up into building my dream of entrepreneurship. There have been times I wanted to quit, people told me it would not work, I’ve even been told that “my dreams” are far-fetched and you are simply doing too much.  You know what I tell those people? Sit back and watch me work! I will always do what most people won’t  so that I can live like most people can’t! The only thing stopping you is you. Why would I let someone else stop me from pursuing what I know was meant for me? So I ask… why would you?  Share you thoughts on your journey to entrepreneurship in the comments section below!

**P.S. “Don’t allow anyone stop you; it GO time” . Continue reading Monday Motivation: “Road to Entrepreneurship”