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Burrrr…wait its Summer again 

Happy Monday!!! I hope everyone’s year is starting off to a wonderful start. I’ve set some major goals NOT resolutions but measurable obtainable goals and I’m chipping away at them. Ladies write the vision and then get to work! I was headed to the office on what appeared to be a winter day but in the great state of Georgia ended up being like 70 degrees! How can one ever be prepared, lol? Layers… Georgia requires layers. I am optimistic about this year but I know it will require great focus and work. 

My desire is that you dream the biggest most unimaginable dreams and then surprise yourself by accomplishing them!

Photo Details:

Hair: Individual Box Braids done at Express Hair Braiding in Lithia Springs

Jacket: Forever21

Scarf: Burgundy Faux Fur from Forever21

Earrings: Diamond Studs


Going…going…back… back to the gym 

Happy Monday loves!

I could lie and say it was easy heading  back to the gym but I’ll refrain from even commencing with that one lol! It was no joke! The excitement was there, the flashy work-out out pants were on and poppin , the motivation  kinda showed up and my discipline to say the least has been subpar as of late! 
  But I  gathered myself and off I went and intense hour long workout. But not before I had a hearty protein shake made by yours truly! It was delicious and filling. I wasn’t even starving after my workout, I was SUPER surprised because usually I can eat a horse after my workouts!

  Ingredients: Frozen Mangos, Kale, Spinach, Vanilla Protein powder, ground Flaxseed, Almond milk 

Has anybody recommitted themselves to any past goals? 

“9-5 for Now”

Good morning. We made it to mid-week and I’m glad about it, whew!  The 9-5 life can be grueling but it doesn’t have to be impossible.  It’s a matter of changing your mindset and working towards your goals! While the 9-5 pays the bills, I have entrepreneurial goals. Most importantly while paying your dues you have to stay true to yourself. So I carve out time during the day to do something that satisfies my soul like working on my own projects, getting my team in place, getting funds together for the transition. And while keeping my nose to the grind I’ve managed to find a way to let my personality shine through (especially with my wardrobe). I will jazz up a uniform in a heart beat baby lol!  So here’s to the Entrepreneurs in transition, keep your head up and STAY encouraged!