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“Black N Denim…Black N Denim”

Hey my loves!! I’m back with another post on #MUG. Saturday was beautiful in Georgia it was about 74 degrees with a nice breeze and I took FULL advantage. But don’t let the weather play you always be prepared with a jacket of some sort. I was headed to “the patio” for drinks with my best friend (my sister) and the best Texas fajitas in town! That’s where you can find us most weekends when the warm weather breaks. What’s new? How was your weekend? Lets catch up!

Outfit Deets:

Jacket: Distressed Denim from Old Navy

Tank top: Forever 21

Shorts: Mossimo from Target

Shoes: Victoria Secret (online store)


necklace/bracelet from Forever 21

watch from Apple


Monday Motivation: “Road to Entrepreneurship”

No one ever promised it was going to be easy; but it will be worth it! This road to entrepreneurship has been everything but EASY. I have never felt so many emotions wrapped up into building my dream of entrepreneurship. There have been times I wanted to quit, people told me it would not work, I’ve even been told that “my dreams” are far-fetched and you are simply doing too much.  You know what I tell those people? Sit back and watch me work! I will always do what most people won’t  so that I can live like most people can’t! The only thing stopping you is you. Why would I let someone else stop me from pursuing what I know was meant for me? So I ask… why would you?  Share you thoughts on your journey to entrepreneurship in the comments section below!

**P.S. “Don’t allow anyone stop you; it GO time” . Continue reading Monday Motivation: “Road to Entrepreneurship”