“Blacked Out”

“Blacked Out Ensemble”

Happy Tuesday almost Wednesday! I hope everyone’s week is going great. Monday started off a bit rocky for me but I kept on rolling! So for today’s outfit post lets get into it. Wait but before we do let me pose a question to you all… Who thinks style is more than what you wear but more about how you wear it? ✋🏽 Now that that’s settled that’s how I feel when I get dressed everyday! I wouldn’t care if it was my work uniform, if I put it on I’m gonna werk it! If  you’re gonna wear something do it with pizazz! Sure luxury or expensive items are nice but there’s something to be said about  confidence, attitude and the delivery that can take a simple ensemble  from basic to fleeky! 

Style tip:  Whenever  you put your pieces on PUT YOUR PIECES ON! 

Top: Forever 21 Cami

Bottoms: Faux letter black shorts from H&M

Shoes: Jordan Flights

Accessories: Apple Watch, Alex and Ani brackets, Pandora bracelet and chained choker from Forever21


MakeUGlam 💋


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