“Dear Shoe gods…”

 So these are hot on my radar… I swear I tried hard to dislike these but I want them in all colors (red, white and black). But the black are probably my favorite pair! Rihanna why would you do this to me and my budget? I can’t lie these are a must have (should I setup on a goFund account, lol) I’m kidding but I can’t deal with how cute they are. I’ve already planned outfits around these shoes.   

Does anybody else plan  outfits way ahead of the game? Sad part is I can’t even think of a reason to reward myself just yet, maybe I’ll take my reward upfront for future good work! 

Get into these white pair… 

Rihanna Fenty Trainer

and this red, geesh

Rihanna Fenty Trainer

New Hair Alert… “A Braided Mohawk Protective Style”

New hair on deck… a protective style non the less. I love braids, it’s one of the many styles that you can just wake up and go! I switch my hair styles  like I switch my clothes. But I typically go for style that allows me to still continue with my active lifestyle. I’m a mother and a busy professional and I seriously don’t have time to fuss over hair. Not every single day and definitely not during the week, now on the weekends I can put a little more effort into a look but  even then with kids and sports I don’t have the time. 

Not that I’m frumpy, I’m just tied (tired). 

 Here’s my braided mo-hawk. I go to an African braid shop in Lithia Springs.

 They do me RIGHT!  


And yes these braids were tight but not to the point my edges were compromised. I did pop an Aleve or two though.


And this was because I was feeling myself. 😘

It’s a Party… An Arm Party

 My new favorite accessories as of late… Alex and Ani ARE NOT right for all this cuteness and Pandora can do no wrong (well maybe those prices could chill lol)! I’ve always been a sucka for accessories and these just took the cake! I love symbolic jewelry and picking out pieces that represents my spirit and personality was beyond exciting.

It’s a Party… An Arm Party

I posted this on my Instagram and I truly believe this with my ENTIRE heart…

In life let EVERYTHING you do REPRESENT something… BREAKTHROUGH⋅CREATE⋅DESTINY⋅OPPORTUNITY⋅FAMILY⋅GOOD VIBES ONLY #alexandani #pandoracharms #pandorabracelet #ArmParty