“My 30th Birthday Wist List”

 So my 30th BIRTHDAY is next Friday and I’ve been compiling a list of things I want for this BIG day. I never ask for anything for my birthday and honestly I don’t expect anyone to purchase these things. These are things I’m gonna purchase for myself and definitely not all in one day. I’ve decided to gift myself somthing throughout my 30th year of life. I’ve decided to share my list with my readers, maybe we have some similar wants, lol.  I’m focused on quality over quantity! I’ve decided to stop purchasing cheap; because lets face it you always have to replace cheap. There is a differnce between catching something of quality on sale and saying “that was cheap”, I’m talking about things that don’t hold value or hold up against wear and tear. Blah, blah, blah here’s my list….


30 and fab



Pinterest Inspiration: “Corporate Chic”

As I’m browsing through Pinterest for some wardrobe inspiration, #CorporateChic comes to mind. That’s how I would describe my style; although I’m dying to leave the corporate sector it still best describes my style choices! Here are some of the looks I love. The plus side is I only have to add some key pieces to pull the wardrobe redo off. Check out my Pinterest board @MakeUGlam for other things I love!

Pinterest Inspired
Pinterest Inspired

**photos compliments of Pinterest, they are merely for inspiration**

“Joseph Altuzarra For Target”

You guys know how I love my Target collaborations and this one is NO different. Joseph Altuzarra is partnering with Target for women’s ready-to-wear and accessories for fall 2014. It’s funny because a couple pieces are things I actually need to add to my wardrobe. I am by no means going crazy picking up super trendy things from this collection, simply things I need.  I love that Target does this because it’s a way to add nice pieces by high end designers at an affordable rate! WIN WIN!

Here’s a quick look a couple pieces of the collection that caught my attention.

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Now here are the picks I am actually interested in purchasing:

photo 1



photophoto 2


This collection drops September 14th!