New Hair Products: “As I AM”

Can I go ahead and tell y’all how pleased, more like ecstatic I am about my new hair care products ?!?! I am a product junkie at my core and  I try new products all the time so needless to say I have tried everything to help me maintain and lock in my curls and give me added moisture;  but I just had not found that “it” product. This #naturalhair  is not a game; it’s really a lifestyle. I have been natural for about seven years and I haven’t tried ANYTHING quite like these products. So without further ado I am happy to share “As I AM” . I would like to thank the hair gods for  this one!



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( the picture above day 1 after twist out)


I purchased the leave-in conditioner, the  coconut co-wash conditioner and the twist defining cream. Baaabbbby the answer, you hear me, the absolute answer!  Never before have my curls locked and lasted.

The products are creamy, non drying, non flaking, they smell amazing and they don’t weigh my hair down and the best part is my hair doesn’t feel greasy.

Now…. am I crazy about the price? Nope, each product cost around $10 apiece at Target. Will I repurchase these products at this price? Yep,  absolutely. They are just that good!

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( day 2 after twist out; hair pulled back with a hair tie)

“The Essentials”

2014 Summer Essentials

I’m heading to the beach in exactly one month for  Memorial Day weekend . I honestly don’t want to wear a lot of products on my face being that it’s going to be insanely hot in Miami during this time. Here are a few quick tips for the hot summer months to keep you looking fresh and polished while being comfortable.

  1. Invest in a “good”  face primer; apply it after your moisturizer to help your makeup stay in place and to reduce that oily t-zone.
  2. Wear less and lighter makeup. Try switching out your foundation for tinted moisturizer. You can always use powder for a little more coverage over your “troubled” areas.
  3. Bronzer!!!! I love bronzer and Covergirl Queen collection makes an awesome bronzer for the price.  It’s called Ebony Bronze, thank me later. I think it adds great warmth to us girls with deeper skin tones. I typically use a lighter bronzer to highlight my cheekbones and bridge of my nose to get that flawless luminous look.
  4. Sheer lip gloss or balm. I don’t care for sticky or heavy lips products in the summer.  Add the beach to that equation; who wants to reapply heavy lipstick near the sand?
  5. Keep handy blotting papers and/or translucent powder to remove shine from your face.
  6. Lastly, I’m not going ANYWHERE without mascara, but make it waterproof.

“If I Had to Choose”…these would be it

We have the luxury of having tons of products at our disposal, right? But what if you had to pick three beauty products… what would you chose? I thought about it… when I wake up the first thing I notice after I wash my face is man look at those bags  under my eyes (now that’s all the way real,lol).  My beauty products would have to be products to pull a sista together versus that extra pop.

With that being said I’m rocking withProcessed with Moldiv

  1. Studio fix concealer from MAC in NC35 ( multiple uses)- I use it for underneath my eyes (dark circles/bags/ highlight), I use it to hide sparse brow hairs when I can’t make it to get my brows waxed (here’s a secret I only wax my brows twice a year because the concealer just works).
  2. Mascara-  It opens your eyes and makes you appear more awake and pulled together even when I’m not. The “Mega Plush Volume” mascara is easily one of my favorite mascaras in my insane mascara collection. I ALWAYS have it with me.
  3. Lastly, I would pick Maybelline’s Baby Lips  “Minty Sheer” lip balm. It gives moisture and a great shine.

What would you guys choose?