“Revlon’s Colorburst Lip Balms”






My new obsessions Revlon’s Colorburst Lip Butters. These are the smoothest, creamiest and shiny lip butters I’ve ever come across. These are a spring/summer must have. They were so good to me last week in Miami! Both color and shine!

These babies were under $6 and I’m in love.  I’m slowing added more colors to my collection.



It’s Just That Good


Hey my boos!! I know I’ve been pretty inconsistent lately but let me tell you May has something on the calendar everyday. But any who…. I had to let my ladies know about this awesomeness Revlon is doing yet again. Revlon has a matte lip balm that is highly pigmented. The color I picked up is called Shameless, and it’s a shame it was the last one at Kroger or I would have bought at least 3 or 4 yep that’s right… it’s just that good. I recently checked Target and Wal-Mart in my area but this color was gone. It’s a dup for MACs “Heroine”. The noticeable difference for me is that even though it’s matte; it’s non drying which “Heroine” tends to be. Oh yeah, the color pay off and the price were pretty noticeable too!  Check out my post here to see what the sample of “Heroine” looks like and you be the judge.  I must admit I am quite smitten.

“Ke…what? Boom pic” Sometimes it just works! Heroine on my lips w/ a little gloss.

Fashion Recap: Met Gala

The New York Times really had the best fashion highlights in my opinion. Check out my top picks below and a bit of  #MUG commentary.

"The Carters"
“The Carters”

These “Carters” will never disappoint me. Confidence is KING! It’s the quiet confidence that keeps me on #TeamCarter.  They don’t play fair when it comes to fashion.


This chick is a risk taker and manages to nail it EVERYTIME!  Rhianna’s fashion game is like non other. "Rhianna Reign"

“Rhianna Reign”


"Kim K and Kanye"
“Kim K and Kanye”

I must say I like this toned down Kim! The dress was sexy yet subtle. The way Kim is looking at Kanye is everything; I don’t remember seeing her look at anyone else that way but hey it could just be me.

"ASAP Rocky and Chanel Iman"
“ASAP Rocky and Chanel Iman”

Oooooh chile I love this contrast; I never get tired of seeing them. Chanel’s dress commands attention, the detail is amazing.  I love ASAP’s pulled together yet tough guy persona. Y’all better do it!

"Anne Hathaway"
“Anne Hathaway”

Anne….. you’re back! You lost me for a minute with the years past dress selections but baby YOU ARE most definitely back.


Charlize memorizes me… does anyone else get that when they look at her? Fo’real…. she’s simply gorgeous.

"Ms. Monae"
“Ms. Monae”

Now y’all know how I feel about Janelle!! Red is her color, she own’s it!  Janelle’s makeup is flawless always on point. #MUSE

"Kendall Jenner"
“Kendall Jenner”

Radiant! I love that she didn’t over do it. This look shows off the softer side and  how stunning she is. I like it, I like it a lot!

"Taylor Swift"
“Taylor Swift”

Ms. Swift honey you came to play! The look, the gown , the hair, the pose all on point. Kudos to Taylor’s glam squad.

"Elaina Watley and Victor Cruz"
“Elaina Watley and Victor Cruz”

This was a “match made in heaven” when I saw this look first thing came to mind was this just works. I lovvvvve sneakers paired with a tux, I just simply do.  The color of her gown is perfection!

"Rosie Huntington- Whiteley"
“Rosie Huntington- Whiteley”

Now this added spice to the fashion looks for me. I can dig it and those shoes chile please YES YES and YES.

"The Beckham's"
“The Beckham’s”

Now when was the last time you saw “The Beckhams” and didn’t say damn??? Come on I’ll wait!  I love a matchy match couple.

Head over to the New York Times online and check out the rest of the fashion pics. These were my personal faves from the site. They had the best site for Met Gala highlights.