“Winter Whites”

      We are experiencing what I would call unseasonably warm weather…like 70 degrees on Christmas Eve! It was actually so warm last night I threw on a little hooded dress compliments of Forever 21 ( easily my favorite store) with my long Timberland boots. I just can’t believe or at least I can’t remember it being this warm for Christmas! No complaints that’s for sure…I’m loving it! I’ve never been one to care about “no white after Labor Day” and besides this is Winter White (white with a yellowish tint) so that’s completely different, right?
       I hope everyone is having an amazing and Merry Christmas! I managed to get everything off the list of my love ones with one final present to wrap as I sit here looking at it. But as we are opening presents don’t forget to celebrate the reason for the season and enjoy the time with your love ones!

Outfit Details:

Dress: Forever 21

Accessories: Michael Kors bracelets 

Boots: Timberland 

Handbag: Deux Lux ( a TJ MAC find)

Holiday Scent: Tory Burch


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