Going…going…back… back to the gym 

Happy Monday loves!

I could lie and say it was easy heading  back to the gym but I’ll refrain from even commencing with that one lol! It was no joke! The excitement was there, the flashy work-out out pants were on and poppin , the motivation  kinda showed up and my discipline to say the least has been subpar as of late! 
  But I  gathered myself and off I went and intense hour long workout. But not before I had a hearty protein shake made by yours truly! It was delicious and filling. I wasn’t even starving after my workout, I was SUPER surprised because usually I can eat a horse after my workouts!

  Ingredients: Frozen Mangos, Kale, Spinach, Vanilla Protein powder, ground Flaxseed, Almond milk 

Has anybody recommitted themselves to any past goals? 


New Look… New Love 

Happy Monday… I hope everyone’s day is going exceptionally well!  I am recovering from the Valentine’s Day festivities lol. I decided to change up my look in honor of the holiday. I typically wear longer hair and I totally went balls to the wall with this one. I’m in love with the change!

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Hair: Short  bob styled by Lori Cooper @ Exquisite Hair Salon in Smyrna GA

Top: Forever21

Jeans: Macy’s

Shoes: Jessica Simpson @ Macy’s

Accessories: Alex and Ani  bracelet, Pandora bracelet and an Apple Watch (Valentine’s Day gift from my sweetie)

“Let’s Eat”

Sunday’s are for resting, preparing for the week and making meals for your family. It’s my Sunday routine, probably the only day I can cook without being rushed to the next task. I tried a recipe I saw on Facebook. It immediately caught my eye because I LOVE MEXICAN FOOD! This meal took about 3 1/2 hours to prepare and make. Most of the time was  spent actually cooking the dish in the crock  pot.  


4-5 boneless chicken breastfeeding (more if you’d like)

Peppers (green, yellow and red)



Taco seasoning (apply to both sides of the chicken) 

Salt and pepper  
Squeeze fresh lime over it 

Fill crock pot less than half way with water 
Cover and turn on high for 3 hours 
It was delicious!!!